Ivanic Grad pavilion
Ivanic Grad pavilion • roof as a terrace
Ivanic Grad pavilion • position
Ivanic Grad pavilion • entrance

Ivanic Grad pavilion is a conceptual solution for the pavilion – a visitor center in Ivanic Grad


The IG pavilion was conceived as part of the concept for the project ‘Let’s go to Lonja’, which, in addition to the original function of rest and recreation, would have a different, more meaningful aspect. The idea was that the visitor center in Ivanic Grad would be one of the generators of future tourists, sports, cultural, health, and other events in the city, but also in the county.


Multifunctional pavilion along the Lonja river in Ivanic Grad resembles the point of interesting and useful events in the center of the pedestrian zone near the walking trail. IG pavilion would thus become a place where Ivanic Grad residents could enjoy exhibitions, concerts, conferences, and lectures or organize all kinds of different cultural events.

The construction of the pavilion is reinforced concrete, with the usual spans between the columns and the load-bearing wall. The pavilion is designed mainly as an outdoor space that closes or opens the contents to visitors with its sliding radial membrane. The shape of the pavilion is circular in plan, and the position of the pavilion is determined by the disposition of pedestrian flows. The roof of the pavilion is designed as a terrace, as a viewpoint.


All activities and events in the Pavillion could be directed to visitors by opening sliding radial membranes. It is expected that the pavilion would communicate the best with space to the south, but it will able to open also to the northern green grass area.



visitor centre






Ivanic Grad, Zagreb County, Croatia, EU


201 m2

gross surface area:

113 m2


  • Bernarda Silov, m.arch.
  • Davor Silov, m.arch.
  • Kristina Rogić, m.arch.
  • visualization: ATMOSFERA ™