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The high school in Koprivnica is a conceptual solution for school and sports gym.


A space in which students spend the majority of their time must provide freedom in a conceptual, visual and intellectual aspect. The main idea is to encourage the aspiration for freedom and exploration, and school space will become a space of imagination and socializing.


The school is ring-shaped, with the interior of the ring rounding off the exterior of dimensions that allows a level of perception of change. The concept of movement within the school is based on six vertical corridors and on the corridor through the library.

The ground floor is an elevated space with several purposes from Where stairs lead to other spaces. The load-bearing structure is made of reinforced concrete, the system of columns and slabs are stiffened by diagonal steel tensions.

The sports gym is a volume that is light and dashing in its symmetry, and the symmetry is softened and rounded because it necessarily arises from the rigid base of the. Being able to cross the volume and see through it, makes the gym an interesting space.

The horticultural solution around the school was made considering the architectural concept of the school, the configuration of the terrain and the climate of Koprivnica.


The inner yard and outdoor space around the school are thematically divided, the concept of the school allows the organization of cultural and sports events that are of great importance for the city of Koprivnica. The garden around the school is intended for students’ rest and recreation, and if any sculptures are placed, it can also become an open-air museum.



public space, school






Koprivnica, Koprivnica-Križevci County, Croatia


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