science park Vucevica
science park Vucevica • east side
science park Vucevica • natural ambience
science park Vucevica • in the nature
science park Vucevica • east west position
science park Vucevica • at night
science park Vucevica • shape of a sinkhole
science park Vucevica • ground floor
science park Vucevica • lobby
science park Vucevica • model

Science and technology park Vucevica, conceptual and architectural solution for the central building of the science and technology park in the municipality of Klis.


The natural ambiance of the park is fantastic and inspiring itself. This landscape deserves careful analysis and a subtle approach in planning and construction. The sinkholes and rocky hills alternate in a lucid natural rhythm, forming concave-convex plateaus with each other, and together with the Sun they create and cast shadows. The dominant macchia and inhospitable stone base are the perfect ambience for a form that will minimally touch the ground, and thus protect the nature around it.


The building proposed for the central facility of the Science and Technology Park stretches in an east-west direction and represents a form that radiates optimism and welcome. The park should be a recognizable sign from near and from afar, the building with a clear and strong identity.

A two-floor space has been designed in the building, in which are all the social spaces of the building, the heart of the center. Space is connected to the outer hemispheres on the north and south sides where there are also glass facades. The roof of the building is intended for photovoltaic panels and solar panels.

The orientation of larger spaces and halls is two-sided, rooms such as offices, labs, business areas are oriented to the north or south, which depends on which facade they are on. Outdoor spaces are designed as areas for socialization, relaxation, rest…

The building is designed and located in a way to highlight its innovative component of architecture, to provide enough sunny and shaded areas in summer and winter, with minimized construction costs.


The idea for the shape of the building was found in a sinkhole, a hollow in the karst terrain, typical for this area. The bottom of the sinkhole has become a socializing semi-atrium space on the south and north sides of the building containing a restaurant terrace, a coffee bar, a park with benches for rest, an amphitheater …



public space, science park






Klis, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia, Europe


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