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Center 3 Zabok, public competition at the public architectural-urban competition for the solution of the zone ‘Center 3’ in Zabok; strategic study of the development zone Zabok Oroslavlje.


Zabok is located on the southwest of Krapina-Zagorje County, in the Zagreb metropolitan area. Its proximity to the capital presupposes that in the future Zabok and Zagreb will become a well-connected entity. It is necessary to find spatial solutions on which a detailed urban plan for the mentioned area will be made.


The spatial concept in the wider urban context implies that the complete Zagreb ring must contain all the service, recreational, food and cultural facilities that a metropolis should have. At the local level, suggested contents will contribute to the development, employment and vision of the inhabitants of the Zabok region as well as the entire Zagorje.

In a narrower urban context, the city axis is designed as a necessary public space of a larger area for urban events that offer added value for all residents of Zabok and the region.

The paradigm of the proposed plan is an eco-digital city – a self-sustaining garden city, which brings the vitality of a traditional city, a variety of functions and forms, encounters, experiences and interaction between the main city axis and organized nature.

An eco-digital city has all it is necessary for a comfortable life in a “garden-like” city, wireless technology improves the quality of life, and the ultimate aspiration of urban planning is that several different eco-digital cities form a network, an alternative to the highly concentrated urbanism.


The inspiration for the concept is Lenucci’s and Antolic’s conceptual regulatory basis of Zagreb in the public interest from 1949. The idea is to create clear corridor regulation, with green zones between, with different morphologies and typologies.



public space


strategic study




Zabok, Krapina-Zagorje County, Croatia


1360 公顷


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