visitor center Lepoglava
visitor center Lepoglava • green walk-through roof
visitor center Lepoglava • integrated in historical urbanistic structure
visitor center Lepoglava • a view to a church and monastery
visitor center Lepoglava • atrium
visitor center Lepoglava • a motif of Lepoglava lace
visitor center Lepoglava • model
visitor center Lepoglava • idea sketch

Visitor Center Lepoglava is a concept for public architectural-urban competition for the design of Visitor Center Pavlina in Lepoglava.


The desire to build a new visitor center arose from the need to restore and strengthen the historical heritage in which is contained the life and memory of the local community with the aim of creating and preserving a new aspect of the city’s cultural identity.


Imagine a green meadow in front of a beautiful church and monastery where newly-weds create unforgettable moments… A view to the mountain Ivanscica, restaurant, the main square, gallery of contemporary arts, park… The slope of the green meadow – roof, does not compete with the historic architecture but highlights them and offers a perfect green public foyer. The main facades of the new building are open to the north and west.

Visitor Center Pavlina is conceived as a modern architectural building, integrated into the historical urbanistic structure of Lepoglava. The building has a green walk-through roof which makes it an attractive public space. In summer it is a green grassy hill, and in winter it becomes a sledding slope, a meeting and socializing space, a lookout point.

The building has a sheltered, semi-covered and formed a square with a motif of Lepoglava lace on the ground floor. The square is open to the exhibition gallery, multifunctional hall and cafe with a terrace. The entrance to the garage is solved by simply lowering the ramp to the underground floor of the garage in such a way that the access park has as much green space as possible for the residents of Lepoglava.


With its roof, visitor Center Pavlina accents the church and monastery, at the same time giving the new public space to the town in form of a roof park, and newly formed square with stylized lace, as an identity element, communicate maximally with surroundings.



public space, visitor center






Lepoglava, Varaždin County, Croatia, Europe

gross surface area:

2923 平方米


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