Solo Exhibition ATMOSFERA (25 models) in Zagreb / 2005

Solo Exhibition ATMOSFERA (25 models) in Zagreb / 2005Back


Exhibition of Architectural Works (25 models) in Gallery ‘Vladimir Nazor’

Organization: ATMOSFERA


Architects Bernarda and Davor Silov apply in their works the basic principles that characterize the architecture of the digital age, which can be summarized in a few words: NO SCALE – NO TYPOLOGY – NO STYLE‘  Krešimir Galović, art historian

For Croatian radio ‘101’, art critic Marko Golub: 

‘In the Vladimir Nazor Gallery during June, you can see a lot of what  ‘Atmosfera’ does and how it thinks about architecture. They started, says Bernarda Silov, thinking about how architectural practice can be something far more beautiful and better than what is taught at schools. At university, they did not learn about Buckminster Fuller, an architect whose work critics mostly associate them with. The inventor, engineer, mathematician, and author of the concept of ‘Dymaxion’ or a term like ‘Spaceship Earth’, which many call a futurist and utopian, received a small homage in one of Atmosfera’s works.’

‘Bernarda and Davor Silov with their architectural ideas mostly turn to independent galleries, and their models and drawings capture the attention not only of fellow architects, but also artists such as David Maljković who suggest making larger installations that could be placed in various locations in the city. ‘