Trogir Bridge

Trogir bridge is a public urban-architecture competition for designing the bridge on the Fosa in Trogir.


Due to the inadequacy and malfunctioning of the old bridge on the Fosa in Trogir, an idea to build a new bridge came up. The new bridge would not only be used for crossing but would also serve as a new place for socialization and orientation, a place that would strengthen the city’s identity.


To transfuse poeticism and aerodynamics of the elegant but at the same time structurally strong wings of seagulls, to transfuse the effortlessness of the elusive birds or the movement into a variable cross-section of a bridge and use it for a transition from one side of the bridge to the other – that is the architectural concept of this bridge.

What’s special about the bridge is the stepwise amphitheatrical extension of the footings and front surfaces towards the ends of the bridge which allude to sitting and observing the surrounding area of Fortin, the old town of Trogir and of course the new part of Trogir. The peak is the highest point of the bridge which offers beautiful views of the city and the sea landscape.

At night, the space is shaped with adequate lighting that is placed by the terrain under the bridge in order to emphasize the dynamic shape of the bridge, and sideways along the stairs with a combination of linear and point lighting in a way that illuminate the upper surface of the wing.


The complete proposed bridge can be easily assembled in the shipyard and moved with a crane to the newly provided location. The reversibility of the bridge is ensured through the construction and selection of materials which allow the bridge to be moved with a crane if necessary.





public space, urbanism


public urban-architecture competition for designing the bridge on the Fosa in Trogir




Trogir, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia


6 x 25 m

gross surface area:

200 m2


  • Bernarda Silov, m.arch.
  • Davor Silov, m.arch
  • Kristina Rogic, m.arch.
  • Mateja Rogulj, m.arch.
  • Małgorzata Łodzińska, m.arch.
  • visualization: ATMOSFERA ™