Korana • view of the butterfly house
Korana • hippodrome
Korana • aerial view
Korana • panorama
Korana • promenade
Korana • park
Korana • butterfly house
Korana • the green infrastructure
Korana • sketch of the promenade
Korana • sketch of the walkway
Korana • sketch of the park
Korana • the nature
Korana • landscape solution
Korana • hippodrome sketch
Korana • botanical garden
Korana • butterfly house sketch
Korana • walking trail
Korana • green islands
Korana • sketch of the river bank
Korana • sunbathing area
Korana • on the river

Sports and recreative center Korana, won the first prize at the public architectural-urban competition for “Sports and recreative center Korana” in Karlovac; a master plan for an area of 50 ha.


The rivers that flow through the city of Karlovac have always been important for the identity of the city, and one of the most valuable areas in the central part of town is the area on the banks of river Korana frequently suffer from abundant floods. The area on the left bank is mostly arranged and landscaped in contrast to the right bank of Korana where is „Sports and recreative center Korana“ located.


Karlovac – a completely immersive experience for all your senses.

For starters, leave everything behind. yes, this also applies to your vehicle. park it along the edge of our zone and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Take a walk along the promenade along the Korana, smell the herbs, hug the trees in the largest fluvial botanical garden Botanika.

Surrounded by green ‘islands’, spend the night in a camp or hotel tasting a river continental meal. take an active break exploring the many sports and recreational events.

Spread your wings in the butterfly dome.

Discover the secrets of the life of river fish in the AquatiKa aquarium.

Refresh yourself in the river, enjoy the joys of the river by collecting vitamin d on the banks of the Korana.

Take the new futuristic or old wooden bridge to the unique star fortress of Karlovac.

And finally, in the festival environment, listen to your favorite musical achievements surrounded by the smell of hops and barley.


Without encroaching on the green infrastructure of the area and raising the level of the promenade by 50 cm, a landscape solution has been established which fully regulates the floodplain by offering safety to objects during the whole year. Communication between the islands and the river banks connects the whole area with the city and establishes a new relationship with the center of Karlovac, which strengthens the identity of the city in the spatial,  touristic, cultural and sports aspects.

Walking trails are generated from the logical directions of movement towards the objects and buildings. The consequence of the network of promenades is the formation of green islands that have gentle slopes, depressions, or hills, and each one of them is characterized by its unique content.

Raised promenades and richly drowned horticulture together with green islands finally form the identity of the large botanical garden “BotaniKA”, the concept which contributes to strengthening the brand of the city of Karlovac and at the same time attract foreign and domestic visitors.


On the central island, there is a lake and greenhouse, and nearby there is an island with the Butterfly House. Lower along the bank there is the island “AquatiKa”, the only freshwater aquarium in Croatia. The contents of “Aquatica”, “BotaniKa” and “LeptirKa” complement each other, creating an educational, tourist, and entertainment element of the green infrastructure of the right bank of the Korana, allowing visitors a fully interactive experience for all the senses.



public space, urbanism


project in progress, competition, 1st prize




Karlovac, Karlovac County, Croatia, EU

gross surface area:

50 ha


ATMOSFERA ™, Bernarda Silov, m.arch., Davor Silov, m.arch.


  • Bernarda Silov, m.arch.
  • Davor Silov, m.arch.
  • Kristina Rogic, m.arch.
  • Petra Vlahek, architecture student
  • Davor Plavsic, m.arch.
  • landscape: Ksenija Radic Knezevic, mag.ing.prosp.arch.


ATMOSFERA ™/ Petra Vlahek, stud.arch.