Slatina Opatija • panorama by night

Slatina in Opatija won the fifth prize at the public architectural-urban competition.


Opatija Riviera is an area where the Sun rises earliest at the whole Adriatic Sea and that characteristic contributed to the idea for Lungomare, the attractiveness of the promenade because there is no space overheating even during the hottest and the longest days. Opatija was a monden climate health resort and in the last century a melting pot for the European aristocracy, scientists, and artists. Our idea was to return to the city’s lost reputation and its glow.


Respecting the area, which was already built-up, we suggest a design of the coast accessible through little slight levels which forms green spaces for rest, socializing, mingling… Along the gently sloping coastline, an alley of palm trees and greenery are planned to be planted as a contribution in the form of natural shade and natural cooling for the people.

On the part through Slatina, square and Pancera we see Lungomare as a passage through a green oasis, arranged to the smallest detail. The floor made from the istrian rock is leveled fluidly without barriers and gently falls towards the sea. The promenade widens at the point where the square ‘touches’ the Adriatic Sea and branches off to the side of Pancera or Slatina – offering a possibility of rejoining at a higher level.

The idea is that benches remind of fish, like a moray eel in the green oasis of the Opatija city, like elements that contribute to the atmosphere and the use of a public space, defining public space.


The advantage of floating content is that they don’t occupy the city center and they can easily be transferred, when necessary, when the space is needed for different activities such as sports competitions or as a stage for concerts and festivals. From the coast you can’t see any buildings at all, and the square becomes bigger by the traffic elimination along the Lungomare.




public space, urbanism


public architectural-urban competition, fifth prize




Opatija, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County


5,2 ha

gross surface area:

5000 m2


  • Bernarda Silov, m.arch.
  • Davor Silov, m.arch.
  • Kristina Rogić, m.arch.
  • Leila Daoud, m.arch.
  • visualization: Małgorzata Łodzińska, m.arch., ATMOSFERA ™