Z - skyscraper
Z – skyscraper • photomontage
Z – skyscraper • east side
Z – skyscraper • panoramic photo
Z – skyscraper • facade concept
Z – skyscraper • ground plan
Z – skyscraper • sketch concept

Z-SKYSCRAPER, positive competition for the Hypo Bank business tower.


The site is located on the edge of the residential zone and its northern part is placed just near the fastest avenue in Zagreb. Excellent and fast access will provide in the future public and business prosperity to this location and to the skyscraper. Slavonska-Zagrebačka-Ljubljanska Avenue is a highway through Zagreb directly connected to a network of highways towards other countries.


The skyscraper on the corner of Selska Street and Slavonska-Zagrebačka Avenue represents a breakthrough in the dynamics of shaping space in urban and architectural terms. The transformation of the space is reflected in the plan and the view. Changeable manifestation means a renewed compass and accent in urban space. The outer layer is an artistic expression, a simulation of outer glass surface distribution.

The symbolic shape of the skyscraper from one point reflects a letter Z (Zagreb, Zagrebačka Avenue) and a letter S (Selska Street, Slavonska Avenue) from the other. Z skyscraper is a “tube in tube” structure with a diagrid membrane. The floor plan varies from triangle to hexagon and back to the triangle. The shape of the building is formed based on three same modules, mutually rotated by 180˚. The concrete core and spatial structure of the membrane provide space for free purposes – open space or cells.


This was the last project/competition for which the photo montage for the project presentation was done the old-school way – by editing the model pictures into analog day and night pictures of the site.



public, private, urbanism






Zagreb, Croatia


3,689 m2

gross surface area:

30,000 m2


  • Bernarda Silov, m.arch.
  • Davor Silov, m.arch.
  • Josipa Bronic, fashion designer
  • Marijana Bronic, fashion designer
  • photo: Ivan Dilberovic, ATMOSFERA ™