Let’s go to Lonja • strategic study
Let’s go to Lonja • strategic study • walking trail
Let’s go to Lonja • strategic study • swimming pool
Let’s go to Lonja • strategic study • new facilities
Let’s go to Lonja • strategic study • analysis
Let’s go to Lonja • strategic study • Ivanic Grad

LET’S GO TO LONJA, conceptual design for walking trail along the Lonja river from Savska street to Naftalan


Lonja River always meant a lot for Ivanic Grad city, and the stories from the oldest inhabitants confirmed the deep connection between the river and the city. The core of the project Let’s go to Lonja is to revive the public space around the river and bring life back to the banks of the Lonja River, especially in the part that passes through Ivanic Grad.


The idea we proposed is to connect the identity units of the city by the walking trail along Lonja – the zone of the Naftalan health resort together with the ethnic house, the Zelenjak sports and recreation park, the part around the Health Center, the quiet zone of the family housing, the central town from the cemetery to the city administration and Stari Ivanic Grad. Lonja banks would thus become an important social space of the city and place of various cultural, sports, and gastronomic events.

Walking trail along Lonja river becomes public space with urban equipment, modern benches, trash bins, lighting, green areas, and various facilities like sculptures, children’s playgrounds, fountains, pavilion. At the same time walking trail connects essential city components with river allowing residents to enjoy, recreation, and opportunities for organizing different events.


Walking trails became a favorite part of public space in Ivanic Grad. They generated various sports facilities and all kinds of events along the Lonja river. Also, walking trails emphasized the health component of walking, the counting of steps before the existence of such applications. Since Ivanić Grad doesn’t have a central square, walking trails have become a place of city gatherings and events.



public, urban design, urban planning






Ivanic Grad, Zagreb County, Croatia, EU


300 ha

gross surface area:



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Janko Velnic