Blanka chair
Blanka chair • composition
Blanka chair • 3 sizes
Blanka chair • large and medium
Blanka chair • view from above
Blanka chair • yellow Blanka
Blanka chair • storing

BLANKA CHAIR, ergonomic chair

Our ideas for new products are based on creating intellectually fresh, progressive and functional product designs. Such as the Blanka chair. The inspiration for Blanka was found in researching the ergonomics of famous designer armchairs throughout history.


The Blanka armchair was initially designed in styrofoam. It got its name as an association with the English word ‘blank’. In fact, it is simple, light, with a basic design and at the same time very comfortable. Maybe we were inspired with our popular Croatian high jumper Blanka Vlasic and that was subconsciously associated with the ease of jumping – carrying.

With a CNC machine we cut the inclinations of well-known designer lounge chairs in a simple 1: 1 styrofoam prototype, and in a long-term survey, by testing the inclination live, we have reached the ideal proportions in the backrest and the leg. Then the shape of the backrest is transformed into a lounge chair.

Initially, the styrofoam form was protected by nylon, which was an integral part of the armchair design, and it was possible to draw or write on Blanka with waterproof markers, decorate with stickers or apply print or advertising.

Considering the comfort of the slope, we also made Blanka chairs covered in canvas, with the addition of sewn side pockets, in which you can put newspapers, remote controls, and all the traditional accessories that we always look for when we sit in our living room or wait in a hotel for a partner.

Of course, BLANKA chairs made of canvas can also be monochromatic. However, when we do an experiment or a prototype, we always test variability – except in form and colour.

BLANKA comes in 3 sizes – S, M, L.


The Croatian brand Dilemma posters bought our little Blanka and turned it into an irresistible, personalized children’s armchair. They have created a special canvas that children can colour however they want, and as Blanka’s cover is washable, children can paint on Blanka over and over again and experiment with their own compositions of colours and characters.






Blanka chair


impregnated styrofoam, sponge, cloth


S, M, L


on market


2012 – 2014


ATMOSFERA ™ Bernarda Silov, m.arch., Davor Silov, m.arch., Dilemma, Tena Letica


  • Bernarda Silov, m.arch.
  • Davor Silov, m.arch.
  • photo: ATMOSFERA ™
  • brand: Blanka ™