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Amélie shop

Client: „The space must be warm, not minimalistic and cold!“


In the narrow centre of the city of Zagreb, next to the existing patisserie Amélie, there has arisen a need and wish for another space that would serve as a gift and souvenir shop. The shop is situated in the pedestrian zone sitting opposite to arranged walls of Bakac’s tower and the Zagreb Cathedral.


The task was to design a space for selling sweet products without the possibility to consume them there and try to create a different identity for the shop by keeping the existing charm of the brand Amélie.

Because the brand Amélie has a bold identity that separates it from the other confectionaries and at the same time communicates recognition and warmth, vibrancy and tenderness, charm and domination, the following question has been imposed: “Which material to use to express that dynamic radiation/shining and at the same time connect it with the brand Amélie?” The warmest material that we know is copper.

The dynamism and invisibility of sheet metal folds have been achieved with freely formed curves which have been emphasized with hidden lighting.


The exhibits – the sweet products and packages like bonbonnieres – have been framed by the simple play between cupboards with drawers and open cupboards with shelves to allude to childhood and the joy of opening and tasting each mouthful. That same gradation of discovering flavours and fragrances of the sweet bites’ glimmers from the Amélie shop as well.



shop interior






Zagreb, Vlaška 2, Croatia


35 m2

gross surface area:

50 m2


ATMOSFERA ™, Bernarda Silov,, Davor Silov,


  • Bernarda Silov, m.arch.
  • Davor Silov, m.arch.
  • Kristina Rogic, m.arch.
  • Mateja Rogulj, m.arch.
  • Burhan Can Uzer, stud.arch.
  • photo: @koridor 27