ALU Artforum Zagreb
ALU Artforum Zagreb • center for art affirmation
ALU Artforum Zagreb • entrance from Ilica
ALU Artforum Zagreb • position
ALU Artforum Zagreb • east side
ALU Artforum Zagreb • interpolation
ALU Artforum Zagreb • model
ALU Artforum Zagreb • sketch • interieur

ALU Artforum is a public architectural-urban competition for the Art Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts ALUARTFORUMA in Zagreb.


The Art Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts ALUARTFORUMA is part of the planned ALU University Campus and new art and cultural center. The gallery is interpolated in the street row on the south side of Ilica and between the street and the park in the inner courtyard of the block. The purpose is to achieve the visibility and urban presence of the ALU by forming a new focus of cultural life in Zagreb, a space for artistic dialogue, a form of art forum.


Courage and unexpected moments that art gives us – and the incentive to think about the clarity of the presentation of the works that will be exhibited in the future. Any art, including visual, has a noble meaning for each city, it gives a specific type of strength and hope. Hope that art hides and wears it – hope that the future looks optimistic because that city has the right to cultural identity. Art is the force that the city can develop and architecture can help to form a membrane that this art will transcendent the city and its people.

The building of the Art Academy Forum is designed so that the openings on the ground floor of a maximum of communicating and presenting art that is exhibited inside. Inputs (visitors and freight entrance) in a building is located on the east side. The north façade is a showcase that visually connects the occasional exhibition ground and first-floor galleries with public space.

There are spatial and architectural differences that need to be taken into account when exposed to different art media: paintings, films, sculptures, performances …

It includes loft spaces and the ability to perceive an area with more heights and perspectives.

The importance of membrane that separates the interior from the exterior, the controlled conditions of uncontrolled conditions, ‘artificial’ from ‘natural’, the organism from the environment … is that the membrane carries the aesthetic, ethical and cultural dimension of architecture. Membrane have to be gentle with a sculpture park, the environment – it should make people sympathize with acceptance, and may sometimes identify with it.


ALUARTFORUM and its location in its visibility can make a significant step forward in the sphere of a different, more tolerant, more special, original, ‘unexpected’, discovering new, presentation, … External appearance and form, in this case, are the essence of the concept. This is an interpolation that leads the park on Ilica, and the gallery is placed in a sculpture park!



public space, college, academy


competition, concept




Zagreb, Croatia

gross surface area:

2100 sqm


ATMOSFERA ™, Bernarda Silov, m.arch., Davor Silov, m.arch.


  • Bernarda Silov, m.arch.
  • Davor Silov, m.arch.


ATMOSFERA ™, scale model: Davor Silov, m.arch.