Kosov Breg
Kosov Breg • Let’s change our lifestyle from ego to eco!
Kosov Breg • garden with a view
Kosov Breg • green living
Kosov Breg • ground plan

Kosov Breg – living in an environment that offers you an apartment and garden with a view, in urban area, parks, and promenades, … half an hour from the capital.

Križevci is a town with about 11 thousand people and with the surrounding municipalities about 21 thousand people. Kosov Breg has the potential for settling 1000 new inhabitants and expanding public, social, business and recreational areas – which would give the city a new impetus for development.

Most of the family houses and apartments will have quality orientations, a beautiful and open view, plenty of greenery, vegetable gardens and the possibility of farming. The facilities will have green passable roofs that have excellent insulating properties, and can be used for growing low vegetables. Large semi- covered terraces that are connected to the living facilities of the apartments must be an extension of the living space of the apartments. The vision of residential facilities is closely related to the outdoor green spaces of the plot: gardens, orchards, parks, socializing, etc. Parks, promenades, paths, parks, tree lines, orchards, botanical gardens, greenhouses,
gardens, meadows … make an overall contribution to the green infrastructure of Križevci, but also build the overall identity of the settlement of Kosov Breg. Identity and appearance must be a natural environment with flows that provide a peaceful and comfortable life. Promenades, bicycle paths and road surfaces are designed as a solid stone pavement between which grass grows, so that the melting towards the grass surfaces takes place gradually.
The design of horizontal public surfaces is made without regular, solid and straight lines – everything is imagined in curves that naturally follow the terrain and shape pleasant fluid environments.

Positions for future public, social and business buildings have been carefully determined (natural products market, school, kindergarten, futurism institute, sports hall, shopping center, food cultural center, business incubator, belvedere, restaurant – cafe – offices, eco-hub , art gallery, greenhouse, conservatory …), as well as a proposal for their future design, ie integration into the environment. All parking spaces will be located underground for larger facilities, and for others above ground in green spaces.

Contemporary architecture is conceived for the urban population living next to the gardens it cultivates. The term urban (rural + urban) is introduced. The plan is to plant 1500 trees – this will prevent overheating of the space in summer, and will create a pleasant environment for living and working, living and recreation.

Let’s change our lifestyle from ego to eco!



housing, public space, urbanism


in progress




Krizevci, Koprivnica-Krizevci County, Croatia


50 ha


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