Interview with ATMOSFERA / 2013

Interview with ATMOSFERA / 2013Back

Interview – Elaine Ritchel, Icon Arts Foundation, New York, USA.

Bernarda and Davor Silov explained what is the most important thing when there is a new project, they revealed where they seek inspiration for their work and what are their current project.

On the question, what is most important to ATMOSFERA when working on a project, Bernarda and Davor Silov told:

‘The peculiarity of our time is that when there are problems, it is necessary to find solutions or ideas, which sometimes means that if there is no problem there is no idea. We want to overcome this situation – so we suggest concepts devoid of problems, concepts that solve multiple problems at the same time as the structure, function, aesthetics, flexibility in a form, conveying the individual freedom to choose the way of coexistence within our design.’


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