About us

Architectural office ATMOSFERA™ was opened in 2004 by Bernarda & Davor Silov in Zagreb, Croatia, EU. The name reflects the way of thinking and approach to design. With architecture we try to create harmonious relations of space, objects and nature. Sustainability, aesthetic purity and balance are important components of our philosophy. We are fully committed to creating intellectually fresh, progressive, functional and technologically sensitive designs.

Besides relying on commonly applied materials and standard technology, we often extract our key ideas by turning to nature or even experimental science for solutions that we find more lucid, more logical or more ecological.  We approach every new task with passion and dedication, and our concepts do not repeat, rather – each time they emerge as context–specific solutions driven by emotion, intuition and insight.

We consider visionary, experimental and conceptual design to be the necessary precursor for the architectures of the future. Our concepts strongly rely on form but also on its philosophic justification.

We see architecture as a strong catalyst of social and cultural progress and try to highlight this important aspect in our explorations of spatiality and form. We tend to note down ideas as they come and develop them on the conceptual and abstract level, regardless of their potential future usability and application. In this way, apart from our realized architectural output, we produce many purely exploratory designs intended for nonspecific /imaginary sites and clients.



BERNARDA SILOV, dipl.ing.arch.
DAVOR SILOV, dipl.ing.arch.


KRISTINA ROGIĆ m.arch. |2018
SILVIO ŠARUNIĆ m.arch. |2017

SRĐAN GALIĆ m.arch. |2017
MAŠA RIHTARIĆ, m.arch. |2014-2015
SANDRA UNTERAJNER, stud.arch. |2014
MACIEJ POLAKOWSKI, stud.arch. |2014
IVA ČAMBER, m.arch. |2012-2013
NIKOLA KALEVSKI, stud.prod.design |2013
MARTINA KAPUĐIJA, m.arch. |2011-2013
ANTONIA SERDAREVIĆ, m.arch. |2011-2012
Mr.Sc. IVANA RADENOVIĆ, m.arch. |2008-2011
JURE ERCEGOVAC, stud.arch. |2010
NIKOLINA MARAVIĆ, m.arch. |2009
MORGAN PAKULA, m.arch. (Arizona, USA) |2009
DUJE KATIĆ, m.arch. |2009-2010
BRANKA FRLAN, m.arch. |2008


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